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  • 41,24 €

    Gewo Aruna kids, the classic veneer design without synthetic fibers features a handle which is optimized for children's hands and has a slightly smaller blade surface. This makes GEWO Aruna Kids the perfect companion of young table tennis talents on their way to the top. Not too fast, a bit lighter than most blades, but still enough power and great...

    41,24 €
  • 37,11 €

    TSP Euro Feeling OFF- is an offensive blade for variable attackers relying on great feel. It is the fine, slightly harder outer ash ply that makes the big difference of this 5-ply design: Improved energy and speed transfer in your own attacks and more stability and reliability in passive blocking/counter-attacking. The handle made from the finest "Premium...

    37,11 €
  • 74,30 €

    FORTINO with Dyneema® has set the bar at a new high in the blade market. The innovative combination of carbon with Dyneema® fibres opens a new era in blade production. The use of this special fabric provides the best value in terms of bend-resistance and hardness. “Ultra-light - super strong”, the strength to weight ratio makes the Dyneema® fibre the...

    74,30 €
  • 22,27 € 30,50 € -26.9648%

    Prime Pro is the perfect blade for offensive player who needs to feel maximum control in his hand. The fine tuned 5 veneers provide an excellent contact time with the ball thanks to its medium-soft core and harder outer veneers that make it very easy to play with a perfect balance between speed, control and weight. It is suitable for all offensive game...

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  • 123,93 € 188,18 € -34.1458%

    TIBHAR VS Unlimited Limited Edition with serial number, commemorating the 25th anniversary Vladimir Samsonov & TIBHAR.The blade VS unlimited supports the player due to the large sweet spot and the higher control associated with the offensive game. Included Alu Case and towel conmemorative.

    123,93 € 188,18 € -34.1458%
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  • 57,77 €

    With Dynatec ZV (Zero Vibration), GEWO is introducing a new Off blade generation. The veneers are manufactured by a specialized German veneer supplier who used their wide range of know-how in the R&D-process for the development of this new type of blade. In the GEWO blade factory, the veneers were finally finished to form Dynatec ZV, meaning that the...

    57,77 €
  • 61,90 €

    Seven carefully chosen layers fitted perfectly to guarantee a fantastic feeling. A powerful 3.5mm Balsa heart, surrounded by two layers of Awan, two layers of Carbon and two layers of Yaya - a perfect blend for control and powerful attacks.It is still quite light (80-85gr.) And is the ideal option for those who love the s....

    61,90 €
  • 32,98 € 41,24 € -20.0401%

    The 5-ply Alvaro Robles OFF- is ideal for any playing situation. Depending on your choice of rubbers, this blade can be used not only for powerful but controllable attacking, it also provides you with all the flexibility you need in passive situations. It gives the player excellent ball feedback and control on all ground strokes, as well as supporting...

    32,98 € 41,24 € -20.0401%
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  • 90,08 € 115,62 € -22.0872%

    If you are looking for a blade for modern power table tennis, the GEWO Königsklasse KARBON SIEBEN is the perfect choice. The flat trajectory which is typical to carbon materials supports aggressive players who rely on direct point winning. However, each rally starts with the serve and return.

    90,08 € 115,62 € -22.0872%
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  • 27,19 €

    New design and better playing features. This blade offers excellent control at surprising speed! The new Power Control unites the power of an offensive blade with the great feel of an all-round blade. For attacking all-rounders relying on precision. It combines lightness, great feel, control and power in a "tamed" variant. 

    27,19 €
  • 32,98 €

    The Hybrid Carbon M/Speed (Moderate Speed) blade provides excellent playing features thanks to CFL Technology as well as a maximum of controlled power combined with extraordinary ball control. Hybrid Carbon M/Speed is the perfect balance of speed, weight and flexibility. Experience more power and spin for topspins and smashes and great feel and control in...

    32,98 €
  • 49,50 €

    This sensational 5-ply full blade is convincing for players of all performance levels. The secret of the P.SOLJA OFF- is the balance of speed, lightness and ball feeling. The slightly thicker Limba outer veneers give the P.SOLJA OFF- a longer dwell time and therefore a high trajectory, which benefits players who spin. The soft pine veneer conveys an .....

    49,50 €
  • 99,09 €

    The Japanese shooting star Yuto Muramatsu was a key contributor to the development of this high-end blade. It is a fast DEF blade offering modern defenders, in addition to great reliability in defense, all they need to create their own sudden counter-attacks. The special White Mahogany outer ply of the 5-ply design harmonizes perfectly with Yuto's OFF...

    99,09 €
  • 44,55 €

    Carbon blade with 7 veneers. Outer veneer of limba, inner veneer of Koto and core veneer of Ayous.The two carbon veneers are made of the thinnest and softest carbon. Unusual control for such a fast carbon blade. Much feeling makes it possible to play a fast controlled topspin play and even chop from mid distance. 

    44,55 €
  • 52,85 € 57,77 € -8.5122%

    The new off-wood EXCALIBUR is the material specialists succeeded in developing an attack wood of high performance! EXCALIBUR combines all offensive typical characteristic of a perfectly matched table tennis wood:- High speed combined with excellent control- A sentimental soft ball stopper and a distinctive sound- Maximum disruptive effect and extreme ....

    52,85 € 57,77 € -8.5122%
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  • 40,59 € 49,50 € -18%

    The GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is a full-blank, balanced offensive minus wood. Optimally suited for spin-friendly, direct and romantic near-attack game. The large hitting area (sweet spot) forgives during fast topspin also already not optimal center hits. The GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is for players who prefer the powerful, precise allround / offensive play. The...

    40,59 € 49,50 € -18%
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  • 24,75 € 32,98 € -24.9373%

    Zoom Pro the easiest way to improve your game.Medium-soft core and harder outer veneers. Due to the special bonding, the energy is released step by stepand continuously released. The Zoom Pro is very easy to play and gives you a very good balance between speed, feeling and weight.

    24,75 € 32,98 € -24.9373%
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  • 67,70 € 82,56 € -18%

    Gewo Super-Force CF is a rubber wood, which shines with properties above average in the offensive game with very good speed control. Made of 3 layers of wood, its central core and the outer Kiri Koto and acacia. Its two inner layers of coal increase their area optimized scrimmage. Wood high quality, fast and at the same time with a great''feeling``.

    67,70 € 82,56 € -18%
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  • 66,03 €

    The new JOOLA OFF blade BLACK ROSE guarantees “pure ball feeling“, due to the 7-ply combination from selected African veneers and the proven Swedish construction. The extreme balance between maximum control and high speed make this blade a friend of any ambitious player. Weight approx. 90 - 95 g

    66,03 €
  • 82,56 €

    5-ply wood with a light weight (75-80 g). All layers have been processed using the innovative technique that drastically reduces Spruce Pressing moisture. DONIC OVTCHAROV FEAT, has the features that make your game better: quality, lightness and touch.

    82,56 €
  • 131,40 €

    Neun Lagen reine Perfektion "Crest" steht für die Vollendung, den Gipfel, die Krönung. Unbescheiden? Probieren Sie es aus! Das einzigartige Spielgefühl dieser Hölzer muss man erleben, das DONIC CREST begeistert durch seinen fantastischen Touch! Neun perfekt aufeinander abgestimmte und präzise ....

    131,40 €
  • 26,36 € 32,98 € -20.0501%

    Zoom Pro the easiest way to improve your game.Medium-soft core and harder outer veneers. Due to the special bonding, the energy is released step by stepand continuously released. The Zoom Pro is very easy to play and gives you a very good balance between speed, feeling and weight.

    26,36 € 32,98 € -20.0501%
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  • 57,77 €

    Excelente madera ofensiva compuesta con una exclusiva capa exterior de Hinoki ``quemada´´. El Hinoki, que se calienta mediante una técnica especial,asegura una caracteristicas de juego coherentes y equilibradas sobre toda la superficie de la pala de alta rigidez y sus capas de Ayous y Koto empleadas la hacen una madera muy controlabre. Cada madera se...

    57,77 €
  • 51,98 €

    Japanese version of the legendary Primorac Off- Butterfly's overall best-selling shakehand blade. The Primorac's wood allows the ball to stay on the racket longer providing good feel and control. The Primorac is an excellent all-round offensive blade. Net Price. Handle FL Flared.

    51,98 €
  • 49,50 €

     El K5 no sólo entran en la categoría de maderas de primera calidad y de alta technología debido a su diseño exclusivo, en la práctica el control de las vibraciones se logra a través de su technología y la nueva empuñadura RAG y la JOOLA "Honycomb", que es legendaria entre los expertos. Con estas caracteristicas el K5 se ha convertido en un éxito de ventas.

    49,50 €
  • 28,84 €

    La combinación de las capas exteriores  con su capa media extra fuerte garantiza una mejor resistencia de bola con más control. Incluso en situaciones de juego pasivas, el jugador puede cambiar en un juego ofensivo para contrarrestar bolas rápidas del adversario. Para un juego de bloqueo agresivo para jugadores que buscan una buena combinación de control...

    28,84 €
  • 49,50 €

    New Stiga OFF-wood with offensive characteristics but rewarding control in your strokes. Its outer layers durashacen that Celero has a great speed-control compensation.

    49,50 €
  • 27,70 € 34,63 € -20%

    Traditional 5ply construction creates perfect ball feeling and makes it ideal choice for the players who require control and precision. Good choice for allround players who prefer first to break opponent attack with blocking and then to counter attack. It can be also of great help for player who desires to improve the stroke technique.

    27,70 € 34,63 € -20%
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  • 27,19 € 32,98 € -17.5439%

    27,19 € 32,98 € -17.5439%
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  • 107,40 € 129,67 € -17.1765%

    Stiga Rosewood NCT 5 ideal para un juego de ataque moderno. Ideal para jugadores agresivos que necesitan máxima velocidad y larga trayectoria. Esta madera de 5 capas ofrece un excepcional equilibrio entre velocidad, peso, control y trayectoria. Ingeniería científica STIGA y tecnología NCT: reúne lo mejor de la ciencia y la Naturaleza.

    107,40 € 129,67 € -17.1765%
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  • 78,43 € 94,96 € -17.4064%

    78,43 € 94,96 € -17.4064%
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  • 37,93 €

    Madera de 5 capas (3 de madera y 2 de vidrio ). Fabricada para el jugador versátil ofensivo y agresivo. Rápida pero con muy buen control de pelota. Una de las maderas lideres de ventas del fabricante Donic.

    37,93 €
  • 25,54 €

    Una de las maderas clasicas de Tibhar, con un extraordinario sentido pero a la vez ofensiva. Es una madera blanda y rapida que te da buena velocidad y precisión para un juego ofensivo y de efecto. 

    25,54 €
  • 30,50 €

    Madera fina de 5 capas para el jugador todoterreno combinando una velocidad-control optimo asegurandose una buena velocidad de la bola pero con un buen control. Si le gusta la precisión, Samsonov ALPHA SGS (sistema de agarre con esponja) está hecho para ti.

    30,50 €
  • 34,63 €

    Butterfly's overall best-selling shakehand blade. The Primorac's African wood allows the ball to stay on the racket longer providing good feel and control. The Primorac is an excellent all-round offensive blade.

    34,63 €
  • 30,17 €

    Una versión más práctica para la gente joven de la madera Butterfly Zoran Primorac OFF. Para aquellos que tienen manos más pequeñas y buscar una madera ofensiva de control.

    30,17 €
  • 37,93 €

    La idea originada en Suecia ha contado con el favor de estrellas mundiales de tenis de mesa. Para el desarrollo de la madera OVTCHAROV SENSO V1 se ha utilizado una nueva tecnología de encolado.  

    37,93 €
  • 46,20 €

    Este modelo se basa en la famosa madera Donic Allplay que es una de las más vendidas a nivel mundial. Con la incorporación de dos capas de carbono, la Waldner Senso Carbón combina las características únicas de la alta tecnología del carbono con la muy probada y exitosa construcción allround sueca para...

    46,20 €
  • 32,98 €

    Thermic Burned Technology. El tratamiento térmico le da una estabilidad extremadamente alta comparables a las características de las maderas tropicales de alta calidad. La madera fue expuesta a una temperatura de 200 grados centígrados durante veinticuatro horas. Este proceso endurece la madera y elimina toda la humedad, con un resultado único.  

    32,98 €
  • 37,15 €

    Madera Andro ideal para jugadores ofensivos. Se unifican velocidad, control, margen de error y el sentimiento de la pelota, lo que era el objetivo al desarrollar esta madera.  

    37,15 €
  • 37,11 €

    Madera ofensiva extremadamente sensible de Tibhar.

    37,11 €
  • 28,93 € 35,45 € -18.4149%

    La madera ofensiva de Tibhar más flexible, para un juego de topspin con un efecto insuperable. Sus 5 capas de madera especialmente seleccionada le dan una gran velocidad y ante todo, una elasticidad y flexibilidad tan altas que permite un topspin muy fino y preciso, con un control altísimo. Superior en velocidad a las demás maderas Off-

    28,93 € 35,45 € -18.4149%
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  • 23,55 € 28,84 € -18.3381%

    Madera media-elástica de la casa Tibhar para jugadores completos de ataque. La madera más vendida de esta marca gracias a su buena velocidad para un juego ofensivo de rotación y control y su gran toque de bola que se transmite a la mano gracias al sistema "contact", que inserta madera balsa en el mango.

    23,55 € 28,84 € -18.3381%
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