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  • 41,24 €

    Faster forehand side for attacking and slower backhand side, even greater difference than the combination Blade.With ACT-Technologie

    41,24 €
  • 32,98 €

    Five ply blade available with straight, anatomic or conical handles.A five ply slow blade designed for use with LP rubbers for close to the table play.This blade increases the effect of Super Special when blocking close to the table.Reverse rubber can be used on the other side which gives a good contrast for swapping between attack and defence.

    32,98 €
  • 66,03 € 82,56 € -20.02%

    Tibhar Li Qian the blade of the 2018 European Champion. 5-ply high quality Japanese defensive blade characterized by extraordinary balance and perfect control. The 5-ply allround combination offers optimal ball security and is perfectly suited to aggressive counter rallies. Perfect for the defensive player who needs total control in all situations....

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  • 26,36 € 32,98 € -20.0501%

    Lightweight 5-ply blade with great feeling and control, for a very controlled game. Weighing approximately 70 grammes, this blade is a light weight amongst the modern blades despite its larger size. Geometry and weight balance are optimized for defensive play. They facilitate the handling in the distance and support the ball feeling, whit a easy...

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  • 49,50 €

    Light, defensive 5-ply wood with great feel and control. The Defensive Classic is the ideal weapon for cut defense players looking for ultimate control in their defensive game. The slightly enlarged head offers the possibility to create more spin.

    49,50 €
  • 99,09 €

    The Japanese shooting star Yuto Muramatsu was a key contributor to the development of this high-end blade. It is a fast DEF blade offering modern defenders, in addition to great reliability in defense, all they need to create their own sudden counter-attacks. The special White Mahogany outer ply of the 5-ply design harmonizes perfectly with Yuto's OFF...

    99,09 €
  • 45,37 €

    The combination of wood (VH: Cypress americana; HR: Limba) has an optimal elasticity. With around 70 to 75 g this wood is considerably lighter than any comparable wood. To do this, Horsa has enough speed for offensive offensive actions. Thanks to the two layers of carbon, the wood has ....

    45,37 €
  • 66,03 €

    With DEFENSOR the experts have developed the material-specialist a perfect defensive blade which is unique in the world for its great playability. In addition to the use of carbon and an enlarged face was chosen which highlights the soulful defensive character of the wood and a perfect "sweet spot" generated. In classical defense perfect cut and change...

    66,03 €
  • 37,93 €

    The Balsa Def 25 is the ideal weapon for a defensive game. The oversize yet lightweight blade and the Balsa core veneer allow the highest control in all defensive strategies.  Maintain high control in all situations.

    37,93 €
  • 99,09 €

    This high-quality wood is ideal for the best players playing close to the table tool. Almost zero vibration on the rebound thanks to Carbon Fleece provides great advantages: Optimal control in difficult situations thanks to its large sweet spot and excellent potential for attacks own speed. Aggressive and highly accurate trajectory defense exerts a...

    99,09 €
  • 29,67 €

    The most versatile defensive DONIC wood. DONIC has developed the fantastic Defplay Senso especially for the modern defensive player and versátil.madera well balanced with incredible control for all defensive shots and very good acceleration for all offensive strokes.

    29,67 €
  • 188,90 €

    Madera butterfly para el juego defensivo. Es un modelo de la más alta calidad, con tecnología Innerforce, que ayuda en los golpes de efecto cortado, tanto de lejos como de cerca de la mesa. Excelente control, con la velocidad suficiente para golpes sorpresivos de ataque.*Precio Neto.

    188,90 €
  • 86,69 €

    Butterfly Defence III  es perfecta para el jugador defensivo.Con sus tres capas de madera seleccionadas,Defense III garantiza una preciosion y control magnifica.*PRECIO NETO*

    86,69 €
  • 107,40 €

    Wanokiwami Midori is the masterpiece of andro® defensive woods. Excellently processed, providing all comforts requested by defense players. Wanokiwami Midori fulfills all wants of a modern defender. In the development process focus was set on the balance between attack and defense. The main goal was to create a blade that provides best control at a...

    107,40 €
  • 41,28 €

    Madera defensiva de buenos acabados que ofrece mucho control y precisión. Gracias a su  gran zona de golpeo optimizado te permitirá hacer buenos contraataques para neutralizar el juego ofensivo de tu rival.

    41,28 €
  • 46,20 €

    Oversize blade with thick double balsa core.Excellent for attacking play, even with pimple rubbers.Outstanding control, incredible attacking properties with long pimples.

    46,20 €
  • 66,03 €

    TSP Super Defense es una madera defensiva de primera calidad fabricada en Japon.De velocidad media,ha sido desarrollada pensando en el juego defensivo moderno,ya que las capas de maderas han sido mas prensadas para poder tener un buen ataque.

    66,03 €
  • 82,56 €

    La madera Victas Koji Matsushita es un referente en cuanto a maderas defensivas se refiere.Sus cinco capas,cuidadosamente seleccionadas (incluyendo láminas de cedro japones de alta calidad) ofrece un gran control tanto dentro como fuera de la mesa sin renunciar a una buena potencia para los golpes de ataque.

    82,56 €
  • 16,45 €

    Versión de la madera Chen Weixing para jóvenes jugadores. Aunque Chen Weixing es una madera defensiva, esta versión Slim es una de las maderas para jóvenes jugadores más rápidas. Con hoja de madera más pequeña aligerar el peso y un mango más fino para facilitar el agarre.

    16,45 €
  • 32,98 €

    TSP x.Series Combi Defensive is a well-balanced blade for modern defensive players. The special development of x.Series Defensive Combi provides one slower, more defensive side, and one somewhat faster side. The more defensive side provides maximum control, the more offensive side of the x.Series Defensive Combi mobilizes enough power for effective...

    32,98 €
  • 20,58 €

    Madera ideal para jugadores pasivos y defensivos que buscan el maximo control. Esta madera de 3 capas combinada con una goma de pico largo te garantiza el maximo control y efecto cortado.

    20,58 €
  • 37,11 €

      Esta madera clasica defensiva fabricada durante años sin ningún cambio proporciona el control total por las capas de álamo suaves y elásticas. Es ideal combinarla con gomas Anti Top.   

    37,11 €
  • 69,34 €

    Diode V, is the successor of the Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk, is ideal for modern defense, with blows of fast contra topspins away from the table. The slightly larger wood provides the control needed to cut and block safely. Composed of 5 layers of wood, with hard layers on the outside and a larger size of the head of the wood, they allow a modern defensive...

    69,34 €
  • 24,71 €

    Los especialistas de TIBHAR, para el juego defensivo, han desarrollado una madera que hace la vida más fácil para los jugadores defensivos. Una combinación especial de las capas de madera, con 2 capas de balsa, y un mayor tamaño de la misma, consiguen anular los efectos cuando se juega con efectos defensivos, un sensacional...

    24,71 €
  • 35,45 € 42,89 € -17.341%

    Madera defensiva muy elástica y segura de la casa Joola.

    35,45 € 42,89 € -17.341%
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