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NARAQ Optimum Pro Glue 50ml
NARAQ Optimum Pro Glue 50ml
NARAQ Optimum Pro Glue 50ml
NARAQ Optimum Pro Glue 50ml

NARAQ Optimum Pro Glue 50ml

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New generation of advanced elastic glues designed for the new Tensioned Rubbers and plastic balls. After many tests with professional players it was concluded that this elastic layer is the correct solution for greater speed and spin. OPTIMUM PRO has a viscosity level of 50% which makes it more liquid by providing a thinner glue layer that will increase less the total weight of your... (see below)

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... racquet. Suitable for hard rubber and players looking for the lowest possible weight of their racket.

Easy to take off and remove glue residues, clean, friendly with the environment "Green Product" and with good adhesion. VOC FREE thus complying with the new ITTF standards.

NARAQ GLUE SERIES (PREMIUM PRO GLUE and OPTIMUM GLUE) are the new generation of advanced and high performance elastic glues for professional table tennis players. They are the only glues that make a perfect connection (having the correct elastic properties) between wood and rubber that are surfaces with different elastic characteristics. Developed especially for the new generations of tensioned rubber and for the new plastic balls.

The fast glue, the prohibition of fast glue, water-based and solvent-free adhesives and now the NARAQ GLUE SERIES elastic adhesives developed to obtain the maximum gaming performance (speed and spin) with the new generations of rubbers and plastic balls .

For many of the players who once used fast glue, sticking was a ritual and they understood the importance of proper gluing for better performance. These players still understand that glue is very important and they still have their own recipes and technology to stick their rubbers to the wood.

The glue is the third most important factor of your racket and its quality depends on being able to obtain a perfect synergy between your wood and rubber and thus be able to achieve 100% of the technical characteristics of your wood and rubber and thus be able to advance to the next level of his game.

The most important feature of your racquet is the time of permanence (time of impact of the ball with the racket in your strokes) and the new method of gluing of NARAQ GLUE SERIES will help you to control and adjust this time with the thickness of your film elastic adhesive that for optimal response will be between 0.05mm and 0.08mm for those who seek more speed. You will feel like you are playing with a professional racket, enjoying the accuracy of the ball's trajectory, the convincing sound and the best speed and effect.

They are easy to use with their small stopper bottles to control the quantity to be applied and with a special design and hardness sponge to obtain the exact thickness of a layer of very elastic glue between the wood and the rubber thus providing a better speed, effect and control of the ball. The glue on drying forms a compact propellent layer of natural rubber similar to that of the old fast glue.

The applicator sponge has the correct hardness and is specially designed to facilitate the application of the glue and can be reused indefinitely by removing glue residues by washing it with water in due time, before the glue dries (10 to 15 minutes).

How to use:

There are simple elements that a player, professional or amateur, has to take care of when preparing his racket:

- Apply a uniform layer of glue on the blade and 2 layers on the rubbers for normal use and 3 or 4 layers on the rubber to get more speed and effect, the thickness and number of layers being the decision of each player. Experience more layers until you are satisfied with the results.

- Let each layer of glue dry until the glue goes from white to transparent and once paste the rubbers on the blade.

- After hitting the racket it must be kept pressed before playing because the glue must be uniform on the surface to have the same response.

-If you need more power or spin simply remove therubbers gently, taking care not to damage the glue layer and add one more layer to the blade and rubber.

- Do not stick in very humid or cold places and allow to dry completely in a natural way until the glue becomes transparent without any white mark. If you use a hair dryer do not use very hot air.

NARAQ OPTIMUN GLUE: It has a viscosity level of 50% which makes it more liquid and therefore will give you a thinner glue layer and will increase less the total weight of your racket. Suitable for hard rubber and players looking for the lowest possible weight of their racket.

NARAQ PREMIUM PRO GLUE: It has a viscosity level of 80% which makes it thicker by adding more thickness to each layer of glue. Indicated for players looking for maximum speed and effect on their racket. Ideal for soft rubber to which a Booster / Optimazer is applied.

Prepare your racket with NARAQ GLUE SERIES as a true professional player and get 100% off the performance of your blade and rubbers!

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