Novedades 2020-21

In this section you will find all the news table tennis tables and ping-pong, rackets, blades, rubbers, glues, table tennis robots, etc. that the main manufacturers of table tennis are incorporating for the 2020-21 season, If you do not find any of the news you are looking for, contact us and we will find it for you.

Referee accessories

Cronometro de arbitro NARAQ

Table tennis referee's clock to control the time out and breaks. With chronometer, clock and alarm functions. Matching color neckband and button cell batteries included with safety film. Presented in an attractive design box. 3 Functions. Button Battery Included
The main novelty of the DHS Fang Bo Carbon B2X wood is that it has an improved core that is a little thicker, this characteristic gives it more power and speed but with great stability from near the table and from medium distance.
NARAQ sponge pack 12 (12X4 cm)
  • -22.22%
€2.89 Our previous price €3.72
12 sponges (12X4cm) to apply glue. It can be washed with water once used and reused or simply cut the used part. Approximately for about 80 uses without reusing.

Victas Towel V-Towel 515

Premium terry towel in a cool VICTAS design made of 100% cotton.Color: blue / gray Dimensions: 90 x 45 (L x W in cm)material: 100% cotton
Yinhe rubber Mercury III Euro
  • -21.38%
€10.33 Our previous price €13.14
Yinhe Mercury III Euro, the large-porred sponge is produced to ensure high level resilience with a globally advanced structure. Combining with the new designed high friction, this unsticky rubber can ensure less error of loop-attacking. It is best to be attached to 7 ply or composite-fiber blades. With this sponge, your looping will be faster deeper and...
rubbers Long pimples

Rubber Spinlord Strahlkraft

Strahlkraft has a new polymer which has been added which makes the rubber even more tacky and elastic. This also makes its pips very durable. The rubber compound is somewhat soft but the shape of the pips makes the feeling of the rubber appear to be a little bit harder than it actually is. The ball trajectory it produces can be confusing and wobbly....

Rubber SpinLord Leviathan

The Leviathan is a new version of our most popular rubber "Dornenglanz". And yes, it is really only available in ox black! This rubber is a little bit more durable and elastic than the Dornenglanz, and also a little bit slower due to its ultra high grip. It plays similar to the Dornenglanz and can offer you a 100% "Dornenglanz feeling". And of course,...
A long-awaited update of the hugely popular table tennis blade Energy Wood WRB.Offensive, lightweight 5-ply wood with improved balance - the perfect blade for all-round players.The extra-strong middle layer not only gives your strokes an enormous speed and punch, but is also tailored to ABS balls.The handle has a new exclusive design and a metal emblem...

MOZURU balls ABS ITTF 3 STAR 40+ pack 6

MOZURU table tennis 3star ITTF balls have been designed under high quality standards, made of ABS plastic, providing a better behavior at the time of the game, a constant bounce, a constant spherical shape to provide the best rallies, excellent durability and a proven quality. The pack has 6 units, 3-star quality and approved by the ITTF, focused on...

Towel Donic

Donic Towel  . 50 cm x 100 cm. 100% algodón
Referee accessories

ITTF Umpire Scarf

ITTF Umpire Scarf for woman whit ITTF logo. *Price net.
table tennis Trainings accessories

Joola Magnetic Ball Holder set

The Joola Magnetic Table Tennis Ball Holder Set is the perfect solution to avoid having to constantly search for balls in the middle of a game or workout. The ball holder attaches to all metal surfaces of the table tennis tableMade of durable rubber materialIncludes two holders, each holding 5 table tennis balls (a total of 10 table tennis balls)Contains...
NARAQ blade Prime Pro NARAQ blade Prime Pro 2
  • -26.96%

NARAQ blade Prime Pro

€22.27 Our previous price €30.50
Prime Pro is the perfect blade for offensive player who needs to feel maximum control in his hand. The fine tuned 5 veneers provide an excellent contact time with the ball thanks to its medium-soft core and harder outer veneers that make it very easy to play with a perfect balance between speed, control and weight. It is suitable for all offensive game...
Pimples In

Rubber Butterfly Dignics 05

Butterfly rubber DIGNICS 05 takes you to a more advanced level in your attack game. Its secret is in its new Sponge Spring Sponge X, which is the advanced version of Spring Sponge, incorporates more elasticity in your strokes; The reinforced abrasion surface demonstrates a great resistance on the surface that provides the feeling of keeping the ball on...

VIctas blade Dyna Five

The 5-ply design of DYNA FIVE guarantees an excellent speed/control balance.This high-quality blade has a large Sweet Spot and produces gentle vibration for an excellent feel and top control.DYNA FIVE is ideal for players relying on balanced variation of their play both in active and passive situations.
DYNA FIVE CARBON is a carbon supported controlled ALL/OFF blade.The well-balanced 5-ply design is combined with a flexible synthetic fiber. The elastic Fleece Carbon improves both stability and control of the blade, without affecting the typical playing features of an all-wood blade.DYNA FIVE CARBON thus makes switching to a carbon blade easy, as it...
Victas blade Liam Pitchford
  • -18.34%
€121.40 Our previous price €148.68
The blade played by English superstar, Liam Pitchford!The innovative Zexion® carbon fiber which is placed directly under the outer ply gives this “Made in Japan” OFF blade outstanding vigor and power.The highly elastic Zexion® carbon fiber boosts the impact energy of the ball, thus increasing energy transfer upon ball contact.This energy-rich, but still...
Table cover NARAQ folded
  • -14.68%
Table cover

Table cover NARAQ folded

€18.97 Our previous price €22.23
NARAQ protective cover for folded table tennis tables. H=140cm  L=157cm W=5cm
NARAQ Net Extensible NARAQ Net Extensible 2
  • -26.51%

NARAQ Net Rolling + 4 balls Set

€9.05 Our previous price €12.31
Extensible table tennis net NARAQ ¡to play anywhere, anytime and any table or surface!. This table tennis net 1.7 meters in length is equipped with clamps to secure it in tables of up to 5 cm thick. Turn any table or surface up to 1.7 meters and 5cm thick into an exciting ping-pong match with its 15.25cm high portable extendable net (official...
GEWO Jacket Azaro Pro GEWO Jacket Azaro Pro 2
  • -26.29%

GEWO Jacket Azaro Pro

€57.81 Our previous price €78.43
GEWO Jacket Azaro Pro, the fashionably quilted jacket in gray melange or blue by GEWO is made of durable material and straight cut.It comes with a hood (with drawstring), side zip pockets, 2 large inside pockets, elastic cuffs on the sleeves and each with a GEWO logo on the right arm and left chest. This jacket is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It...

GEWO Hoody Cervo

Table tennis GEWO Hoody Cervo. Hoody / Jacket with zippers.Two pocketsComfortable to wear in any situation.70% cotton, 30% polyester
Shoes GEWO Smash XG Pro Shoes GEWO Smash XG Pro 2
  • -21.24%
€42.89 Our previous price €54.46
The GEWO Smash XG Pro shoe is the replacement to the GEWO classic Smash S.A.S.It remains a stable, long-lasting table tennis shoe, which guarantees the player a stable position in any situation.The GEWO Smash XG Pro shoe is made of light material, which is breathable and offers a comfortable fit.The shoe is reinforced on the heel and on the sides so that...
Rubber Joola Dynaryz ACC
  • -25.04%

Rubber Joola Dynaryz ACC

€37.11 Our previous price €49.50
Equip yourself with a rubber that brings more spin and speed into your game without losing control! What seems like a dream is now a reality with th JOOLA Dynaryz ACC. Featuring the signature purple medium-hard Hyper Bounce sponge paired with Advance Traction Surface Technology. The Joola Dynaryz ACC is spin-friendly, dynamic, and precise. Be prepared to...
Rubber Joola Dynaryz AGR
  • -25.04%

Rubber Joola Dynaryz AGR

€37.11 Our previous price €49.50
JOOLA DYNARYZ AGR is used by the professionals in the pinnacle of the sport. If your game is ready for the highest caliber of play, then the Joola Dynaryz AGR is for you. The new signature purple hard Hyper Bounce sponge is the key to the amazing dynamics of this rubber. Combined with the Advanced Traction Surface, The precision and quality of each and...
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