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Two-headed table tennis robot with wireless digital remote control with which you can select all types of effects, directions and frequency of the ball. Each Head is regulated independently and one or both can be used, being able to regulate the type of spin (without spin, cut, lateral to the right, lateral to the left) launch of the ball (downwards to...
NARAQ RoboPing S8 Pro Robot is a professional table tennis robot suitable for beginners and professional players. It is very easy to use with simple and practical operation through its wireless remote control that allows you to regulate the 9 levels of ball spin (Underspin, topspin and no spin), 9 levels of ball launch speed/frequency, 9 oscillation modes...
The NARAQ RoboPing OMNI Pro robot revolutionizes table tennis robot technology, from now on “Think and design your custom table tennis training exactly and improve your performance whether you are a beginner or a PRO player” The NARAQ Roboping OMNI Pro advanced training robot has been produced for NARAQ by PONGBOT Future Mind, the Asian giant specialized...
Table Tennis Shoes

** Shoes GEWO Smash Flex

€43.72 Our previous price €61.90
(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
The GEWO Smash Flex table tennis shoe offers great grip thanks to its natural rubber outsole with integrated GRIP-BARS that provides perfect traction for your footwork in all directions. The torsion system in the midfoot zone supports your quickness. The super light LONGLAST-PU upper is peppered with VENTILATION POINTS for the best possible...
Table tennis textil

** Towel Tibhar Game

€9.84 Our previous price €12.31
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Very absorbent soft frottee towelCombed cottonBi-coloured design Composition: 100% cotton Size: 50 x 100 cm
Table Tennis Shoes

** Shoes Tibhar Supersonic Agility

€52.81 Our previous price €66.03
(4/5) on 3 rating(s)
In the TIBHAR SUPER SONIC AGILITY table tennis shoes, the well-known MAXX TURN PROTECT system has been further developed, which provides the player with a comfortable feel and more freedom of movement with a comfortable feel and more freedom of movement with attention to stabilisation and joint protection The ultra-light STRONG TPU film provides the...
table tennis cleaning and assembly

Pack Rubber Cleaner NARAQ 100ml + Sponge + 2 Film protector

€8.68 Our previous price €11.07
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Complete pack of NARAQ rubber Cleaner PRO with antistatic effect that due to its special formula it is able to restore and rejuvenate the rubbers, making them recover the grip and initial characteristics lost by use + sponge to apply it and 2 rubber protective films. The indispensable pack to keep your racket in optimal conditions. 100 ml.
Table tennis Blades

** NARAQ blade NQ7 Pro

€31.32 Our previous price €39.59
 The perfect OFFensive blade for intelligent attackers who vary their game and require spin, speed and maximum feel. NQ7 offers a great speed, excellent balance and top control, with this blade you can virtually guide the ball even in the most critical situations offers excellent control when hard topspin are required.  Made from carefully selected,...
Short and Skirts

Shorts NARAQ Core Flex

€13.97 Our previous price €18.10
Very elegant and easily combinable sports shorts, specially designed for the practice of table tennis, it is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch. It incorporates two side zippered pockets. with elastic waist and adjustable drawstring. Specially designed for the practice of table tennis, it is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch. It...
Ready bats & Packs

Pack TIBHAR DJC Darko Jorgic + Evolution

€156.94 Our previous price €200.58
Material used by the 2022 European Top 16 champion Darko Jorgic. The blade made up of 5 layers of wood + 2 of Dyneema® carbon fiber that give enormous power and penetration force to your shots. Its Dyneema® carbon fiber layers are not directly under the top layer, which gives it a great "feel". The Evolution rubbers are in three types of hardness (FX-P...
Ready bats & Packs

Pack NARAQ Legend

€49.59 Our previous price €73.31
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Pack designed by VSPORT composed of the NARAQ Allround Classic ALL blade combined with 2 Tibhar Legend rubbers with a superior grip that gives a great spin to the ball and with its soft sponge that will provide a great feeling of the ball. The pack can be assembled free of charge as long as it is specified in the order. Includes Naraq Square case.
€103.31 Our previous price €143.47
The blade Gewo A. Robles OFF offers a great balance between a powerful speed and an excellent touch of ball that mixed with the rubbers of the range Hype XT40 (soft) KR of 47.5 (medium) and XT 50 (hard), can be chosen as you wish, you can guarantee an offensive professional racket with great control. The pack can be assembled at no cost as long as it is...
Ready bats & Packs

Pack Seven PRO + Evolution

€94.96 Our previous price €132.81
(5/5) on 3 rating(s)
Perfect combination for professional and medium level offensive table tennis players, the NARAQ Seven PRO blade provides a perfect Speed / Control balance and the TIBHAR Evolution rubbers provide the highest quality in terms of effect and performance. The Evolution rubbers are in three types of hardness (FX-P soft, EL-P medium, MX-P hard) the more...

VS SPORT was founded by Vladimir Samsonov, one of the best current players in the world, three times European Champion and World Cup winner, some times World Ranking number 1 and semifinalist in   Olympics Games 2016 Rio and Víctor Sánchez four times Spanish Champion, 18 years member of the Spain national team and current National Coach of the men's team.

Our goal is to be able to offer the best Customer Service with the most current and best products on the market and to continue contributing with our experience to help professional players and coaches to chose the best compositions materials together with our specialist in table tennis blades and rubbers, the player Carlos Martín.

With more than 10 years of experience, VSPORT has become a sports store specialized in table tennis, a national and international reference, standing out for its large stock of products and for the wide variety of brands available, more than 40.

At VSPORT all items are original and purchased directly from the manufacturers and / or their official distributors. We always make sure to offer an optimal quality of customer service and we have all the market categories such as indoor and outdoor ping pong tables, rubbers, blades, balls, table tennis robots, textiles, surrounds, glues, trophies, medals, rackets , shoes, nets, scoreboards ... from the best brands on the market such as TIBHAR, GEWO, JOOLA, VICTAS, DONIC, DHS, NITTAKU, DONIC, STIGA, ANDRO, NARAQ ...

In our table tennis store vsport-tt.com you can benefit from really competitive prices and the best offers in our extensive catalog of ping pong productsWe provide all products that any club needs to be fully equipped as well as all the equipment for referees.

More than 40 BRANDS and 25,000 REFERENCES in STOCK to offer the best CUSTOMER SERVICE


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