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Blade Tibhar H-1-9

La legendaria madera Tibhar H-1-9, con nuevo diseño y adaptada al moderno juego ofensivo.*Precio Neto.
Madera Tibhar Stratus Samsonov Carbon Madera Tibhar Stratus Samsonov Carbon 2
  • -19.31%
€72.69 Our previous price €90.08
TIBHAR selected high-quality wood types and combined them with a new generation of Kevlar carbon: the ideal prerequisite for an offensive but still controllable game. The carbon permits the needed hardness and stability in your strokes. Great playing sensation! 
Madera Stiga Clipper Wood Madera Stiga Clipper Wood 2
  • -17.74%
€47.52 Our previous price €57.77
Famosa en todo el mundo por su velocidad y especialmente apreciada por los jugadores que quieren más potencia en sus golpes. Madera semirígida de gran velocidad pero con un tacto no tan duro. Bastante controlable.La Clipper es utilizada por muchos jugadores asiáticos de clase mundial.
Madera Samsonov Force Pro Madera Samsonov Force Pro 2
  • -18.28%
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro

€40.45 Our previous price €49.50
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La nueva madera del múltiple Campeón de Europa y de la Copa del Mundo V.Samsonov impresiona por su velocidad y su gran sensación de control y toque. Las capas exteriores de Limba confieren su potencia y las capas centrales permiten un excelente control de la pelota para poner a su adversario bajo presión. Quizas la mejor madera de Tibhar en cuanto a...
Madera Stiga Clipper CR WRB Madera Stiga Clipper CR WRB 2
  • -17.76%
Table tennis Blades

Blade Stiga Clipper CR WRB

€57.02 Our previous price €69.34
Una de las maderas más clasicas, caracterizada por su velocidad gracias al sistema CR, muy usada por jugadores chinos, para jugadores que buscan velocidad pero no se atreven con maderas de carbón.

Blade Hallmark Combination

Special manifacture from the brand BARNA ORIGINAL.This asymmetrical combination blade utilises two different sides with different speed properties.The backhand side is entirely independent due to a newly developed manufacturing technology and offers slow speed with highest control values. Perfect for players with disruptive rubbers or rubbers with sponge...
Blade Tibhar CCA Unlimited
  • -€34.00
€105.67 Our previous price €139.67
The oversized sweet spot of CCA Unlimited confers the necessary amount of control in an offensive game. The fast acceleration potential of this wood is the result of the balanced combination of its carbon fibres with catapult friendly layers, even when playing a topspin game at half distance from the table, without losing the necessary stability when...
Blade Tibhar CCA 7
  • -21.4%
€57.81 Our previous price €73.55
Named after the initials of the World Champion in double, CCA 7 convinces by its high potential of acceleration and speed. Although being a very fast blade, the serve remains soft. CCA 7 confers a lot of sensation and is very spin friendly. It opens the possibility to play hard undercut Topspins at the table and at half distance. ...
Agility, suppleness, precision, clarity, determination and consistency compose the main characteristics of the blade of this highly talented former Chinese international.The player's style (spirit and playing intelligence) is reflected in this blade. The specially selected and chosen materials (Hybrid ZC) bring clarity and determination to the strokes....
The Hybrid AC fibers placed directly on the inner veneer provide the necessary stability with almost unlimited variability. The difference to Shang Kun ZC is that the ball contact is more intensive and also longer. This opens up more possibilities and is therefore ideal for the flexible attacking player.
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