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If you have always wanted to have a Ping Pong table at home, or in your work or leisure centre, this is your chance. At VSport we help you to buy the table that best suits you and your particular needs.

As passionate and professionals of this sport, we have a great experience and knowledge about table tennis, a passion that we like to transmit to all our customers. Among other things, by offering you exclusively quality products from the best brands and personalised advice. We advise you just as we would advise a friend who is looking for the best way to exploit his or her desire to buy a ping pong table online.

In addition, we have all the accessories and utensils you need to get the most out of your ping pong table: paddles, wood, rubbers, table tennis net, shoes, sports fashion, table tennis balls, table tennis robots, table tennis table covers and much more.

Our best-selling Ping Pong tables

How much does a ping pong table cost?

At VSport you will find that the price of the ping pong tables will largely depend on the features and brands of the unit.

Thanks to our complete range of indoor and outdoor ping pong tables, and the many brands we work with, we have no doubt that at VSport you will be able to buy a ping pong table at the best price, without neglecting the quality of the product and its adaptation to the different game modes.

Most of our ping pong tables fit the standard size of professional table tennis tables (2.74 meters long, 1.52 meters wide, 76 cm distance from the table top to the ground and 15.25 cm height of the table tennis net). But we also have cheaper models, ping pong tables designed for children, beginners or players who simply want to have fun with their family or friends.

We have ping pong tables for children

Our mini table tennis tables for children are perfect for getting started in this sport or just having fun with friends.

A table tennis table with smaller dimensions than the regulation ones is designed for the fun and entertainment of young and old. In addition, there is not always enough space for a table tennis table. So these folding and portable tables are the ideal option to make the best use of the space without giving up the fun.

And if you are looking for a mini table tennis table to play on top of any other table, or a portable table tennis net, we have that available for you too.

All our tables, regardless of their size, provide optimal bounce and stability for your playing enjoyment. Can't find what you need? Don't hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you with whatever you need.

Qualities of Ping Pong tables

Table top thickness: Indoor tables can be 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm or 28mm. In order to have a correct ball pot it must be at least 15mm thick and the thicker it is the better the quality of the pot, professional tables are usually 22 or 25mm which is normal although there are some manufacturers that use 28mm.

Structure of the legs and trolley: There are more basic tables that use more fragile round tubes and more robust tables that use square tubes that can be 30x30, 40x40, 50x50 or even more.

Wheels for the transport of the table: There are several types of qualities, there are the more fragile plastic wheels and the metal wheels with bearings and rubber which are more robust and can be of different sizes depending on the size of the structure of the table.

Type of net included or that can be adapted to it: Many models of professional tables do not include the net and it has to be bought separately, there are different types of ping pong nets, they are with a clamp system that can be easily assembled and disassembled or with a threaded system that stays better fixed, the best quality are the metallic nets with fabric mesh and incorporate a tensioner to tighten it and a thread to regulate its height to comply with the regulatory height, there are other types of cheap plastic ping pong nets without tensioner although for the difference in price they are not worth it.

Frame around the table top: There are tables that do not incorporate a frame, although they are not recommended since the function of the frame is to give strength to the table top and prevent it from deforming. The frames are usually 30x20mm, 40x20, 50x20 or 60x20, the larger the frame the more resistant it is and the higher the quality of the tabletop.

Security system: It should be taken into account whether the tables are fitted with security locks or latches when they are folded for storage so that they cannot be opened by accident, and the quality of these locks.

All tables with trolley and folding tables can be used to play table tennis in fronton mode, as one of the two tabletops can be left folded up and the other can be opened and the net mounted on it.

Types of ping pong tables

Ping pong tables are divided into four categories:

  • Indoor folding tables for playing indoors or in covered outdoor areas that do not get direct sunlight, although it is not recommended that they are not affected by humidity, so if it is a rainy day or at night it is recommended that they are indoors.
  • Folding outdoor tables with a special table top for playing outdoors and resistant to the elements.
  • Vandal resistant outdoor tables for installation in parks, campsites, etc... 
  • Mini ping pong tables for children and for small spaces that are smaller than the regulation size but are great fun for family games.
Structure and metal net with galvanic treatment and special weather resistant paint. 10 mm board. It could be fixed to the floor. According with international dimensions. According to EN-14468-1 Safety European Normative
Mesa Stag de exterior Outdoor Park
  • -20.29%
Ping pong tables

Table Tibhar Outdoor Park VSport

€454.55 Our previous price €570.25
Mesa de exterior muy resistente y poderosa. Puede ser fijada al suelo, ideal para parques o sitios para dejarla fija. Grosor Superior: 12MM, Marco: 25X50MM. IVA, transporte dentro de peninsula y red antivandalica de acero incluidos. Otras localidades consultar. Precio hasta fin de existencias.
Ping pong tables

Mesa Enebe Lander outdoor CBP

CTT: Compact table tennis. Robust structure and functional design. CBP: Bat and ball containers. According to EN-14468-1 Safety European Normative.
Joola outdoor ping pong table made of glass fiber reinforced polyester with a very even surface for perfect playing conditions. Absolutely weather resistant: tested against frost, heat, UV radiation and temperature fluctuations. Ideal for public areas, playgrounds, campsites. Weight 128 kg. Price VAT and * transportation to the peninsula included....
Table made of glass fibre reinforced polyester Playing surface very is non-porous for perfectly playing conditions On Its solid design, it is also perfect for media viewing on public places, Schulhöfen, campsites Fundamente are not necessary, simply use a level stand surface Conforms to EN 14468-1 D
The JOOLA City table is made of acrylic resin/silica sand mixture and the surface is coated with a layer of acrylic resin/silica mixture, thus it is very even and free of pores, providing proper playing conditions. The undercarriage is made of solid rectangular steel tubing (50/40mm) and has been hot-dip galvanized, and is dismountable.... 
Ping pong tables

Table NARAQ Outdoor PRO-R

NARAQ OUTDOOR PRO-R outdoor table tennis table, the highest quality folding outdoor table for its robustness in the trolley with adjustable 40X40mm legs and its reinforced 14mm SMC Compreg System tabletop that prevents corrosion and deformation when carrying all the surface at the back a special mold and 5 bars of cross irons. Double trolley that...
Table NARAQ GARDEN Pro Outdoor Table NARAQ GARDEN Pro Outdoor 2
  • -23.65%
Ping pong tables

Table NARAQ GARDEN Pro Outdoor

€536.36 Our previous price €702.48
NARAQ GARDEN PRO outdoor table tennis table, the highest quality fixed outdoor table due to its robustness in its 60mm tube leg structure and its 14mm SMC Compreg System board internally reinforced to prevent corrosion and deformation take the entire surface in the back a special mold and 5 bars of cross irons. It incorporates a metal net and incorporates...
Table cover NARAQ folded
  • -14.68%
Table cover

Table cover NARAQ folded

€18.97 Our previous price €22.23
NARAQ protective cover for folded table tennis tables. H=140cm  L=157cm W=5cm


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Mesa Joola 3000 SC

Mesa Joola de competición aprobada por la ITTFTablero de 22 mm JOOLA extremadamente rápido. Marco del metal de 50 mm Sistema de transporte SUPER COMPACTO para facilitar el montaje y desmontaje.Precio transporte incluido a peninsula, islas consultar.*Precio neto.

Mesa Joola Olymp

Mesa Joola de alta competición, de 22 mm de la superficie de juego;muy rápida. Precio transporte incluido a peninsula, islas consultar. Regalo de red de competicion.  *Precio neto.


Table VICTAS VT-25 ITTF , this Super-Compact-Table can be opened by one person from one side of the table only, enabling the opening of both sides of the table. The weight of the surface is counterbalanced thanks to pressurised gas cylinders. Strage size : 152.5 67 160cm ITTF approved Tickness : 25mm
Ping pong tables

Mesa Enebe Lander indoor CBP

CTT: Compact table tennis. Robust structure and functional design. CBP: Bat and ball containers. According to EN-14468-1 Safety European Normative.
High competition model. 19 mm board. Special competition cover. Wheels with brakes. According with international dimensions. According to EN-14468-1 Safety European Normative.
Ping pong tables


NARAQ Competition PRO 25 Roller "Pure Elegance, Quality, Stability and Safety" is a table made for high competition tournaments and for the most demanding players looking for the best bounce of the ball and this is achieved thanks to its new optimized S25+ board for the new plastic balls, which makes the ball not slide on the surface or reflect, ensuring...


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Table NARAQ Mini 15 (137x76.5cm) Table NARAQ Mini 15 (137x76.5cm) 2
  • -20.69%
  • New
Ping pong tables

Table NARAQ Mini 15 (137x76.5cm)

€95.04 Our previous price €119.83
NARAQ mini table tennis table of reduced size suitable for both the initiation of children and for adults who want to have a fun time. Elegant and modern design with a white structure. It incorporates a high-quality 15 mm surface (the only mini table on the market with 15 mm and real height) and a very robust structure with 30x30cm legs with regulators...

Mesa Tibhar Midi

Mesa Tibhar de tamaño medio para el tiempo libre, entregada con una red. Las patas son plegables para desmontaje fácil. Ideal para niños de entre 5 y 9 años para aprender las técnicas de tenis de mesa.Tamaño: 180x80x76 cmColor: azul.   Precio neto + gastos de transporte (consultar)

Mesa Tibhar Mini

Mesa Tibhar de tamaño medio para el tiempo libre, entregada con una red. Las patas son plegables para desmontaje fácil. Ideal para niños de entre 5 y 9 años para aprender las técnicas de tenis de mesa. Precio neto + gastos de transporte (consultar).Tamaño: 90x45x76 cmColor: azul
Mini mesa Hobby VSport
  • -40.2%
Ping pong tables

Mini mesa Hobby VSport

€12.36 Our previous price €20.66
Divertida Mini mesa que incluye 2 palas de plastico. El regalo ideal para los amantes del tenis de mesa. Viene dividida en dos tableros para facilitar su almacenaje. Medidas abierta 60 x 15 x 30 cm. 
GEWO miniature table Premium
  • -13.73%
€49.95 Our previous price €57.90
Have fun with the GEWO miniature table. Easy to set up, great fun to play. Stable design with metal frame and 12 mm thick MDF slab. Comes in cardboard packaging. Net priceDimensions: 62.5 x 38 x 28 cmWeight: 4 kg
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