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Are you looking for the best ping pong blade to create your own table tennis racket? In our ping pong shop you will find everything you need to design a tailor-made ping pong racket. Our wide range of table tennis wood will allow you to find the perfect blade for you.

Buy the table tennis blade that best suits your game and add a ping pong rubber to suit your style.

At VSport you will find the best brands of table tennis bats and table tennis blades.

We are committed to the highest quality in all our products, so you can enjoy this exciting sport like never before. Whether you are just starting to play table tennis or you are already a great professional, at VSport we offer you the equipment you need to give the best of you in every training and match.

We have ping pong tables for beginners and professional ping pong tables, as well as accessories to get the most out of it; ping pong balls, ping pong table nets, rubbers, table tennis shoes and much more.

The different models of ping pong woods that you will find on our website are designed to meet the needs of every player. Find yours and take your game to another level.

If you have any questions, contact us. Our professionals will be happy to help you find the perfect table tennis wood for you.

Our Best-Selling Ping Pong blades


At VSport, online table tennis shop, we have a wide range of table tennis bats for beginners and professionals of this sport. Although if you are looking for the perfect table tennis racket for you, we encourage you to choose it taking into account the following aspects:

  • Type of table tennis handle, which can be straight, concave or anatomical.
  • Components and layers of wood (Arylate, carbon, Limba wood...)
  • Style of play you want to achieve (attacking, control or multi-purpose)
  • Type and quality of the ping pong rubber (medium, long or short pimples rubbers, Pimples IN rubber or antitop rubber).

Table tennis Blades

Blade Nittaku Violin

€136.28 Our previous price €164.46
Madera flexible con un control excelente. Utiliza materiales de primera calidad mezclados con materiales similares a los utilizados en los instrumentos musicales. Fabricada en Japón. 
Table tennis Blades

Blade Joola Fever

Primera madera de Joola con Carbón Merliorate. Permite golpes extremadamente precisos. Excelente sensibilidad. Sensación excepcional de la bola. Para el jugador que busca una madera con velocidad pero sin renunciar mucho a un buen control y tacto en el golpeo. Peso aprox. 85g.
Table tennis Blades

* Blade Butterfly Innerforce layer ZLF

Blade Butterfly Innerforce layer ZLf, a slightly thinner center core and larger ZL Fiber secondary plies. Attack close the table whith abundant amount of rotation and stability. *Price net.
The Blade Tibhar Alexis Lebrun OFF IS a 7-ply medium hard wood for offensive players with a special touch. Hybrid carbon fibers around the core of the racket ensure optimized energy transfer. The resulting optimized ball curve ideally counters aggressive ball attacks from mid-range or close to the table. The blade is very controllable thanks to the large...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Victas ZX-GEAR IN

€101.24 Our previous price €123.88
Victas ZX-GEAR , the new, extremely elastic Zexion® carbon fiber optimizes the energy transfer at the ball impact point while increasing flexibility and stability.ZX-GEAR INThe innovative Zexion® carbon fiber, which lies directly on the core veneer, gives the blade the perfect combination of ultimate power and incredible ball feel.


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Table tennis Blades

Blade Der Materialspezialist Wizard Fire

Der Materialspezialist
The Der Materialspezialist Wizard Fire combi-wood is a SUPERIOR addition to the WIZARD and is designed for combo-wood players who need more catapult spin and penetrating power in their forehand to score quick points through heavy shots. The WIZARD FIRE backhand side is only slightly faster than the original WIZARD blade and offers enormously high control...
Table tennis Blades

* Butterfly Blade Diode V PRO

The Butterfly Diode V PRO Wood is a defensive blade constructed entirely of wood in Japan for defensive play with a moderate bounce that allows for versatile and well-balanced techniques, such as consistent hitting or powerful attacks. *Net price.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Victas Yuto Muramatsu

The Japanese shooting star Yuto Muramatsu was a key contributor to the development of this high-end blade. It is a fast DEF blade offering modern defenders, in addition to great reliability in defense, all they need to create their own sudden counter-attacks. The special White Mahogany outer ply of the 5-ply design harmonizes perfectly with Yuto's OFF...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Der Materialspezialist The Wall

Der Materialspezialist
Der Materialspezialist THE WALL is an outstanding low-speed wood, symmetrically constructed and highly controllable, for all types of players who use maximum rotation and the most control in their playing style. Especially when it comes to the new generation of plastic balls, this blade ensures a longer contact with the ball and therefore more rotation....


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Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro

€40.45 Our previous price €49.50
(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
La nueva madera del múltiple Campeón de Europa y de la Copa del Mundo V.Samsonov impresiona por su velocidad y su gran sensación de control y toque. Las capas exteriores de Limba confieren su potencia y las capas centrales permiten un excelente control de la pelota para poner a su adversario bajo presión. Quizas la mejor madera de Tibhar en cuanto a...
€72.69 Our previous price €90.08
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
TIBHAR selected high-quality wood types and combined them with a new generation of Kevlar carbon: the ideal prerequisite for an offensive but still controllable game. The carbon permits the needed hardness and stability in your strokes. Great playing sensation! 
Table tennis Blades

Blade Stiga Clipper Wood

€49.50 Our previous price €60.25
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
The Stiga Clipper wood is famous throughout the world for its speed and especially appreciated by players who want more power in their shots. Semi-rigid wood with high speed but with a not so hard touch. Quite controllable. The Clipper is used by many world-class Asian players. Ideal for experienced players looking for extra “Touch” in each shot. Since...
Agility, suppleness, precision, clarity, determination and consistency compose the main characteristics of the blade of this highly talented former Chinese international.The player's style (spirit and playing intelligence) is reflected in this blade. The specially selected and chosen materials (Hybrid ZC) bring clarity and determination to the strokes....

Features of a table tennis racket

As you can see, before buying a professional table tennis blade, you should know all its components and how they influence your game. Here is a summary of the characteristics of the table tennis bats that you will find in our online catalogue.

Ping pong Rubbers

The rubber is the part of the ping pong racket that receives the hit and rebound of the table tennis ball.

The rubbers can be smooth, spiked or antitop.

- Antitop: Very slow table tennis rubbers, which do not give the ball spin but do allow you to control the opponent's attacks and spin by stopping the ball and returning it with a "destabilizing" trajectory for the opponent.

- Pimples IN rubbers: They provide less spin to table tennis ball hits.

 - Pimples: They encourage the homogeneous and direct trajectory in the ball. There are different heights and thicknesses of peaks.

The higher the quality of the rubber, the more effect this part of the ping pong racket has on the hit.

For gluing the rubber of the ping pong bat there are specific glues, free of harmful volatile compounds.

Ping pong sponge

The sponge is the layer between the wood and the rubber of the table tennis racket. Its function is to act as protection for the wood and to add personalisation to the game. The sponge can be chosen according to its thickness and hardness.

  • When the sponge is thick and hard, the racket gains more speed and less control.

  • A thin sponge will give you a slower game and more control, they are more intended for offensive players.

Ping pong wood

Blade is a laminated material, whose characteristics are conferred by the number of layers that make it up. The more layers there are, the less flexible the table tennis wood is. In other words, more speed, but less control.

Other blades include layers of carbon fibres, but are recommended for more advanced players.

Ping pong racket handle

To get a game that suits our way of holding the ping pong racket, and the type of game we play, it is important to make a good choice of the handle of the ping pong bat.

This handle can be anatomic (AN), which adapts very well to the palm of the player's hand; concave (FL), which is narrower in the middle and the base is wider (it´s the mos popular) or completely straight (ST).

The correct choice of the blade will desired result in terms of speed, spin and control.

In our online table tennis shop you will find all the accessories and table tennis equipment you need to have fun and achieve the highest level.

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