Table tennis blades def + defensive plus.

Madera Tibhar Stratus Powerdefense
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Esta madera de defensa relativamente dura fue construida para un juego defensivo moderno. La madera es un poco más grande de lo normal.Esta madera ligera permitirá al jugador reaccionar con rapidez a golpes duros de su adversario, colocándolo bajo presión, sin importar donde se encuentre el jugador, ya que está indicada tanto para el juego cercano como...
Madera Joola Chen Weixing
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Table tennis Blades

Blade Joola Chen Weixing CWX

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Blade Joola Chen Weixing CWX designed by the best defensive player in Europe, it is ideal for a defense game based on varied and controlled cutting. It is possible and without any difficulty to execute offensive topspin shots. Inspired by Chen Weixing. The darkest layers used for its construction, give it this great control.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Donic Wang Xi Dotec Control plus

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Donic Wang Xi Dotec control plus, gracias a la combinacion de capas Limba,Ayous y chapas Dotec es una madera con un gran grado de control con el que poder neutralizar los ataques y a su vez tiene la dureza necesaria para poder atacar en los momentos necesarios,Ideal para jugadores que basan su juego en el control y que despliegan un juego allround...
Table tennis Blades

Blade TSP Balsa Glasfiber 3.5 DEF+

TSP Blades with "intelligent" core. The heart of the patented TSP Balsa Series is the middle layer. The combination of the elastic fibreglass layers with the vertical wooden fibres leads to a round and especially large hitting area (sweet spot).The result is an extremely precise bounce of the ball, free of vibration and an amazingly high rate of control...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Donic Defplay Senso V3

The most versatile defensive DONIC wood. DONIC has developed the fantastic Defplay Senso especially for the modern defensive player and versátil.madera well balanced with incredible control for all defensive shots and very good acceleration for all offensive strokes.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Victas Koji Matsushita Special

This high-quality wood is ideal for the best players playing close to the table tool. Almost zero vibration on the rebound thanks to Carbon Fleece provides great advantages: Optimal control in difficult situations thanks to its large sweet spot and excellent potential for attacks own speed. Aggressive and highly accurate trajectory defense exerts a...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Balsa 25 DEF

The Balsa Def 25 is the ideal weapon for a defensive game. The oversize yet lightweight blade and the Balsa core veneer allow the highest control in all defensive strategies.  Maintain high control in all situations.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Der Materialspezialist Defensor

Der Materialspezialist
With DEFENSOR the experts have developed the material-specialist a perfect defensive blade which is unique in the world for its great playability. In addition to the use of carbon and an enlarged face was chosen which highlights the soulful defensive character of the wood and a perfect "sweet spot" generated. In classical defense perfect cut and change...
SpinLord Defender is middle fast defensive blade. The head size is increased up to 162 x 155 mm. It is recommended for both classic defensive game and destructive blocking close to the table. High quality defensive blade with excellent control.
Table tennis Blades

Stiga blade Defensive Pro

Stiga Defensive Pro is ideal for the counterattack seeking defensive player with excellent cutting strokes and powerful offensive strokes. You'll also find that it has a bigger sweetspot compared to traditional defensive woods, thanks to the slightly enlarged head and two layers of carbon. The Defensive Pro has been developed in close collaboration with...
NARAQ blade Defender Pro NARAQ blade Defender Pro 2
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Table tennis Blades

NARAQ blade Defender Pro

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Lightweight 5-ply blade with great feeling and control, for a very controlled game. Weighing approximately 70 grammes, this blade is a light weight amongst the modern blades despite its larger size. Geometry and weight balance are optimized for defensive play. They facilitate the handling in the distance and support the ball feeling, whit a easy...
Table tennis Blades

Blade TSP Balsa/Glasfiber 2,5 DEF+

A Defensive wooden top class! With the TSP Balsa 2.5 their defense is the bulwark. The 2.5 mm thick Balsa core veneer provides excellent control on all strokes. Ideal for defensive strategists who defend remote table, placing a high value on good control values. A light weight and a slightly enlarged clubface are further advantages of this defense timber....
Table tennis Blades

TSP Blade Black Balsa 3.0

The blade TSP Black Balsa 3.0 is specially designed for classic defenders. This high-end blade features a balsa core and a slightly larger head for maximum control in all stroke techniques. The tried-and-tested balsa/glass fibre layers additionally provide for an enlarged sweet spot, which guarantees ultimate feel, forgiveness and effectiveness.
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