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Mesa Enebe Lander indoor

Intdoor ping pong table Enebe Lander indoor CTT: Compact table system. Great robustness, functionality and design. CBP: Container for shovels and balls. It complies with the European Safety Directive EN-14468-1. Price to Spain peninsula included, islands consult. *Net price.
Table Joola with 19 mm. table top, for training or leisure, with metal frame. Very easy assembly and disassembly. Transportsystem with four wheels on each half .Device against the double inclination of the boards. Price includes transport to mainland Spain, islands on request. *Net price. Net not included
special 25mm JOOLA competition table top playing surface in latest coating technique for even ball bounce  metal frame 50mm transport system - four wheels on each half stable, powder-coated metal undercarriage double anti-tilting device low storage space Net and post set not included.  *Net price.
Ping pong tables

Table Gewo Europa 25

High-end competition table for use in national and international tournaments and competitions. Robust table for club use. The table meets Class A requirements of EN 14468-1. The 25 mm thick Micro fine chipboard guarantees optimum high-speed playing proper
NARAQ Competition PRO 25 "Pure Elegance, Quality, Stability and Safety" is a table made for high competition tournaments and for the most demanding players looking for the best bounce of the ball and this is achieved thanks to its new optimized S25+ board for the new plastic balls, which makes the ball not slide on the surface or reflect, ensuring a...
Ping pong tables

Table Gewo Gewomatic SC 25

Der GEWO Tisch Gewomatic SC 25 ist ein hochwertiger Tischtennistisch der Extraklasse. Ein Weltklasse-Tischtennistisch für Weltklasse-Spieler.Der Gewomatic SC 25 entspricht der Klasse A der europäischen Norm 14468-1.Damit entspricht dieses Modell auch den ITTF Zulassungskriterien. Langlebig, kompakt, stabil und robust. Wettkampftisch mit einer 25mm starken...
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NARAQ OPTIMUM Pro Roller is the best mid-range table tennis table in price / quality due to its robustness in the trolley with adjustable 30X30mm legs, double trolley that facilitates its transport and storage, also offering the possibility of pediment play, 50mm quality wheels, 4 with brakes to prevent it from rolling. It incorporates the new 18mm MDF...
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NARAQ protective cover for open table tennis tables.
€20.58 Our previous price €24.71
NARAQ protective cover for folded table tennis tables. H=140cm  L=157cm W=5cm
NARAQ Premium Top 25 Roller PRO is the new generation that replaces the Top Seller NARAQ Competition Pro 25 Roller table. "Pure Elegance, Quality, Stability and Safety" is a table made for high competition tournaments and for the most demanding players who look for the best bounce of the ball and this is achieved thanks to its new S25+ board optimized for...
Table Joola competition table 2000 S Pro with a very fast playing surface of 25 mm thick.Approved by the ITTFComplies with the DIN standard 7898 AComplies with the european standard EN 14468-1 A easy installation thanks to a perfect folding assembly each half with 2 stable wheels for a comfortable transport. Net not included *Net price
Ping pong tables

Table Gewo CS Pro Compact

GEWO table tennis table of high quality, usable in all competitions. With a special 25 mm thick playing surface, which guarantees optimal and fast playing characteristics and an even bounce of the ball. Strong and durable steel base. The base locks and hinges are activated automatically. To unlock them easily and safely, this model has a metal bracket...
Table Joola for competition 3000 SC Pro approved by ITTF. original JOOLA 25 mm competition table top Extremely fast playing surface due to special processed polyester coating. 50 mm metal frame Super-compact system: very easy to set up and dismantle 4 "big" central wheels, two of them with brakes stable powder-coated metal undercarriage height-adjustable...
Ping pong tables

Table Gewo Indoor Duo 22

GEWO Indoor Duo table with a special 22 mm GEWO playing surface (3tecWOOD premium) guarantees an even and fast ball rebound. The GEWO Table Indoor Duo 22 only requires a minimum storage space of approx. 20cm deep. The running gear is made of high-quality metal and is absolutely stable. Safety devices on each half of the table ensure the necessary safety...
Duomat Pro competition table Joola with a 25 mmthick tabletop; very fast playing surface. Transport system: four wheels on each half Stable undercarriage made of powder-coated metal Double anti-tilt device Small storage space Ideal for clubs with intensive use Net set not included. * Net price. Complies with DIN 7898 A and European standard EN 14468-1 A.
Ping pong tables

Table GEWO SC 25 Premium

GEWO SC 25 Premium is the premium model of the GEWO table series. Pure elegance, long life, compactness, stability, maximum and state-of-the-art safety standards plus excellent and consistent bouncing - GEWO SC 25 Premium is the perfect choice! Two years of development resulted in an innovative High-Class competition table.
Table Joola for Rollomat Competition approved by the ITTF with automatic system Ultra-fast playing surface thanks to polyester coating in a special process 50 mm high metal profile frame Automatic system stable, powder-coated metal frame Stable and proven construction, automatic legs double anti-tilt device one of the best-selling table tennis competition...
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NARAQ Select Pro Roller Table, the best table tennis table of competition in price/quality for its robustness in the cart with legs of 40X40mm with regulation, double cart that facilitates its transport and storage offering also the possibility of game in fronton, wheels of quality of 75mm, 4 with brake to avoid that it is displaced. It incorporates the...
Table San-Ei / Tibhar Absolute-W Advanced Compact table tennis table for professional use. Meets new heights in terms of playing characteristics and safetyITTF approvedComplies with the European Norm 14468-1 Class ASuitable for wheelchair players, thanks to the approx. 420 mm free space at the table ends25 mm thick, multi-layer tops for optimal playing...
Indoor Tibhar table for hobby players with a top quality 19mm chipboard with a solid structure that gives it constant playing characteristics. The halves of the table are assembled on a cart with wheels, which provides security both in the vertical and open position. The position in fronton mode allows solo play. Available in blue or grey. With net. *Net...
The Tibhar 3000 table invites you to play table tennis permanently. This table was designed for regular use. It is made from high-quality 19mm boards on a solid cart and provides long-lasting gaming fun. The playing position allows for solo training. Supplied with red included. Shipping costs to the peninsula included (islands, Ceuta and Melilla,...
TIBHAR Smash 28/R Black Line professional table is approved by the ITTF and has the best manufacturing components. The table halves can be moved individually. In elegant black. ITTF approved. Each half of the table is individually mobile. Delivered without net Does not include net. Usage: indoor Board thickness: 28mm   *Net price. Shipping costs to the...
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