Table tennis Covers

Here you will find all covers designed for table tennis rackets to protect them and keep them in optimal condition.

Table tennis Covers


Perfect protection for your bat. Very robust case, completely made of aluminium. With impact-proof plasticcorner protection. Thick foam material lining for one bat and 3 balls. Dimensions: 30x5x22 cm (L/H/W)
Table tennis Covers


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Protect your racket with the NARAQ Alu Luxe maximum protection case made of aluminum with reinforced corners and foam interior that guarantee protection and a stable temperature for your rubbers. For 1 racket and 3 balls (not included) Colors: blue, black and silver. Measures 30 x 5 x 22cm
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Cover NARAQ Square

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NARAQ Square case, rectangular and robust to carry one or two rackets in its wide space, it has 2 interior spaces to store accessories or rackets. Protected with internal foam to guarantee optimal protection of your racket. Full-opening zipper. Available in red or blue. Dimensions: 31 x 22 x 2.5 cm
Protect your valuable table tennis racket with the high-quality GEWO Nexxus racket cover. Its modern blue design makes it a stylish accessory for all table tennis players. The durable construction and padded interior keep your racket safe from scratches and impacts. Dimensions: 31 x 20 x 4 cm (racket shape)
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Cover round Gewo Wave

Protect your table tennis racket with the GEWO Wave cover. Available in Black/Red and Navy/Light Blue, this round racket case offers the ultimate protection against scratches, dust and damage. Protect your racket with the superior protection and stylish design of the GEWO Round Cover Wave. Dimensions: 30 x 19 x 2 cm Padding: yes
Cover Tibhar Macao bag for one or two rackets Water repellent and visually appealing polyester material Two separate compartments with a practical two-way zipper Small additional compartment on the front of the case side strap Size: 31*20*3cm
Tibhar Hong Kong table tennis round case with compartment for 3 balls and reinforced walls for better protection. It can hold one or two rackets. Use of high-quality materials and qualitative finish. Dimensions: 31x21x4.5cm 100% polyester.
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Cover round Tibhar Metro

Round cover featuring a sporty designWith carrying loopOuter walls with integrated foam protectionComplete opening through zip Polyester 420D Colours: navy/blue, black/green, black/orange, black/red Sizes: 30,5 x 20 x 2 cm
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Cover round Tibhar T

Tibhar simple round and robust cover to carry a shovel. Full opening zipper. Outer sides with integrated foam protection Composition: 420D Polyester Colors: navy/blue, light blue, green and vermelho. Dimensions: 31.5 x 21 x 2.5 cm
Table tennis single cover round TIBHAR T with 3 balls compartment. Outer sides with integrated foam protection and carrying loop. Composition: 420D Polyester Colors: navy blue, blue, red and green. Dimensions: 31.5 x 21 x 4.5 cm
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Double Cover VICTAS V-CASE 422, generous bat wallet for up to 3 bats. Optimum protection for your bats, extra functionality with separate outer compartment. Size: 32x21x4 cm.
Table tennis Covers

Double cover Joola Vision II

Joola Vision Safe II double cover for table tennis rackets. It incorporates 2 interior pockets for accessories and exterior padding for optimal protection. Measurements: 30x22x5cm
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Padded cover for two to four bats with integrated carrying loop on the side 
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Compact and stylish bat wallet for up to 2 bats. Extra functionality with separate outer compartment and inner mesh compartment.  Size: 30x19x4  
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Donic Double Wallet Pop

Case for Donic Pop double table tennis rackets. Reinforced hard shell exterior for extreme protection against breakage and voluminous foam padding for optimal racket protection. Two separate compartments with additional interior padding and velcro pocket on the back. Upper Material: 100% Polyester-Jacquard
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Double Cover HALLMARK Classic black is the perfect solution to carry two rackets in one. The sleek black design makes a statement, while the durable material ensures your rackets stay safe during transport. Dimensions: 31 x 23 x 5cm Padding: yes Compartments: 2
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Protect your rackets with NARAQ Alu Luxury, maximum protection double case made of aluminum with reinforced corners and foam interior that guarantee protection and a stable temperature for yours rubbers. Finished in luxury black color that gives it a unique and original look. For 2 rackets and 3 balls (not included) Includes carrying handle. Measures 30.5...
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