VSport offers you the best brands with the most competitive prices on the market, if you find the same item cheaper on another website, tell us and we will match it. We also have two special discount programs for online orders: 1 with automatic discounts in the shopping cart according to the purchase amount and 2 with the loyalty program in which you accumulate points that can be exchanged for discounts on your next purchases.


The cart will automatically apply a discount depending on the purchase volume except for items that are already on sale, all of the Butterfly brand as well as those marked with a net price, such as the products in the categories of tables, robots, returnboard, fences, referee tables ...

The applicable discounts for purchase volume are:

Purchases over 50€ = 5% discount.

Purchases over 100€ = 10% discount.

Purchases over 150€ = 15% discount.

Purchases over 200€ = 18% discount.

Purchases over 300€ = 25% discount.

Add the products you want to buy to the cart and check your discount.


VSport gives you money for your next purchases!

At VSport we want to reward the loyalty of our online customers. We have created an application for our website with which you can accumulate points with your purchases that you can exchange in your next orders for discount vouchers.

How can I get points with my purchases?

Very simple, while you are making your purchase, the page will automatically indicate the points you get with the products you have in your basket. In the shopping cart, in the summary, at the bottom you will see the points you get for your next purchase. At the end of your purchase, the status of your order will be "pending", when this status changes to "shipped", which is usually the same day the order is placed, the web will automatically generate your discount points that you can see in "My account" , "My loyalty points". You already have your points that you can exchange for money for your next purchase and at the same time you have also earned points for the next purchase you make with the order you just made.

How many points do I accumulate with my purchases?

The website will automatically generate your points for sections of 5 euros. That is, every 5 euros of purchase you will get 1 point (€ 0.10) that you can exchange for money in your next order. In this way, a customer who confirms the purchase of his cart and the amount is 100 euros, will have 20 points for his next order that can now be exchanged for a discount voucher.

Discount vouchers can be accumulated and used all in the same order.

5 euros ----- 1 point ----- € 0.10
10 euros ----- 2 points ---- € 0.20
50 euros ----- 10 points ---- € 1.00
100 euros ----- 20 points ---- € 2.00
150 euros ----- 30 points ---- € 3.00
200 euros ----- 40 points ---- € 4.00

How do I exchange my points for discount vouchers?

When you enter your account you have to go to "My loyalty points", here you can see the points you have accumulated. Below you will have the option to "Convert my points into a voucher of ...".

By clicking here, a discount voucher associated with a code will be generated in the table below. You have to put this code when you are placing your order in the cart at the bottom of the summary where it says "discount vouchers". Here you have to enter the code, give it to add, and you already have your discount applied that you can see in your order.



VSport wants to support and collaborate with the clubs by offering you special purchase conditions and advice on all aspects of table tennis, putting at your disposal all our experience in this sport as professional players for more than 25 years.

Contact us and we will offer our special conditions to your team.

Send us your information (name of the club, leagues in which you participate, city and telephone number) by email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

- Email: info@vsport.es

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