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DVD Donic. Waldner Magic Moments.

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Doble DVD con los mejores momentos y los puntos más espectaculares del mejor jugador de tenis de mesa de todos los tiempos. Biografía, entrevistas, puntos invreibles, etc. Duración aproximada: 3 horas. *Precio neto.
Manual ITTF advanced training for coaches and very complete and easy players to understand where they can improve all technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and everything related to the professional table tennis (serves, remains, multiball, exercises etc aspects. .) AVAILABLE IN SPANISH AND ENGLISH
ITTF Coaches Manual-IPTTC LEVEL 1 is perfect for those coaches working with schools and clubs with children from beginners to juveniles.Cuida much the art, the refinement of strokes, serves and variety of everything you need to learn and to transmit the player basic and important tennis mesa.DISPONIBLE iN ENGLISH AND SPANISH knowledge.
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Diccionario de Tenis de mesa 6 idiomas.

Diccionario de tenis de mesa en 6 idiomas (Inglés,Español,Francés,Alemán,Húngaro y Japonés),con todas las palabras,reglas y expresiones utilizadas en el tenis de mesa.Perfecto para arbitros y entrenadores.*PRECIO NETO
Table tennis videos

DVD Dr. Neubauer

This new technique video in DVD format includes 50 different techniques with Anti-Spin, long pimples with friction, half-long and short pimples and pimple inside Belägen.Allein with our new Anti-Spin rubbers Gorilla and Grizzly will be presented 20 of these techniques. We recommend buying this video is especially all customers who spielen.Die using our...
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