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Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Techno Power Contact

 Se trata de una madera de superficie lenta pero que proporciona la suficiente velocidad. La capa de la derecha es más rapida, mientras que la del reves proporciona mas control. La aplicación del Contact Ligth System permite a esta raqueta transferir ls vibraciones resultantes del control de la bola a la mano del jugador.
Madera Joola Eagle Medium
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€24.71 Our previous price €32.98
Alto control, velocidad buena, peso muy bajo y un fabuloso precio son los segretos de la madera Joola Eagle Medium.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar IV-S SGS

La combinación ofensiva de la clasica IV-S está ahora también disponible con el nuevo sistema de confort SGS (sistema de agarre con esponja). La forma de raqueta optimizada y adaptada a la forma de agarre permitirá la utilización plena de su potencial ofensivo, sin tener que renunciar a la sensación de juego único rápido.
Madera Stiga Allround Evolution.
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Table tennis Blades

Blade Stiga Allround Evolution.

€37.19 Our previous price €45.37
Madera muy exitosa con un gran control esta basada en la legendaria Allround classic pero con un poco de más velocidad. Muy adecuada para aquellos jugadores que buscan el control como base de su juego.
Table tennis Blades

Blade TSP Balsa Glasfiber 5,5 AR/OFF

TSP Blades with "intelligent" core. The heart of the patented TSP Balsa Series is the middle layer. The combination of the elastic fibreglass layers with the vertical wooden fibres leads to a round and especially large hitting area (sweet spot).The result is an extremely precise bounce of the ball, free of vibration and an amazingly high rate of control...
A long-awaited update of the hugely popular table tennis blade Energy Wood WRB.Offensive, lightweight 5-ply wood with improved balance - the perfect blade for all-round players.The extra-strong middle layer not only gives your strokes an enormous speed and punch, but is also tailored to ABS balls.The handle has a new exclusive design and a metal emblem...
Top workmanship, made in Germany. The new World Champion 89 blade series is exceptional. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of Sweden winning the World Championships Team title in Dortmund in 1989 (in a historic 5-0 final win against China). DONIC is exclusively producing three new blades in Germany, in honour of the legends Jan-Ove Waldner, Jörgen...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood

Samsonov Pure Wood es la ultima novedad en maderas Allround. Posee 5 capas manteniendo las caracteristicas de juego por las que Vladimir Samsonov es famoso después de dos decadas como todo un referente mundial. - Extraordinaria sensación de juego - Gran control de peota - Perfecta colocación en bloqueo y topspin 
Table tennis Blades

Blade Dr. Neubauer Jackpot

Dr. Neubauer
The ultimate material wood JACKPOT is a crucial asset to many material players. Thanks to its perfectly balanced structure and a new groundbreaking Verleimungstechnik The wood offers the best conditions for the use of pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubbers. Both the spin reversal at "Glantis" as well as the flat ball bounce when blocking and chopping with...
Blade Gewo Balsa Carbón 575
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€42.89 Our previous price €53.64
The GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 is a modern allround blade of the highest class. Latest materials and the buttery soft Balsa give the wood the feeling that passive play are essential especially in Allroundund. In addition, the Balsa Carbon GEWO 375 has enough clout to start out all over the court in accordance with controlled offensive actions. The ideal wood...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Joola Air Fibre

Joola introduces two new woods because of a special drying and removing moisture at high temperature makes them very lightweight and the player need less force when to hold the racket in long points.Joola presents first-class sheets, carefully selected to meet the exact weight.The core consists of balsa 4mm thick and between two sheets of fiber....
Table tennis Blades

Blade Sanwei HC-5 Hinoky Carbón

Wood formed with a central core of Hinoki, outer layers of Ayous and two sheets of soft coal that make it a wood with an exceptional touch recommended for players looking for a balance between speed and control. Its layers of soft coal makes it have more bow the ball gives more rotation. Top quality materials at an exceptional price.
Blade Tibhar He Zhi Wen All+ Blade Tibhar He Zhi Wen All+ 2
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Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar He Zhi Wen All+

€23.14 Our previous price €29.67
TIBHAR wood tribute to World Champion +50 He Zhi Wen. For a classic game Allround. Ideal for players who want to "feel" the ball during the game with variations in the effect with a locking security control and many short balls. Great balance between speed, ball control and touch due to its 5 layers.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Allround Classic

The proven GEWO Allround Classic now comes with a new design, improved playing features and even higher control ratings. You will have the right response to any ball. Ultimate ball control in any situation. Thanks to its excellent features, the GEWO Allround Classic has become a real classic. With its balanced control and tremendous feel for the ball, you...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Gewo Zoom Balance All+

GEWO Zoom Balance ALL combines three premium wood plies Kiri, Ayous to each other. With the inner Ayous plies and a Kiri middle ply, it makes a great combination of balance and feel ("Rubber Impulse"). The layers provide for a large Sweet Spot, good bending strength and unique Power Feedback to meet the requirements of modern table tennis.
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