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Fun balls Tibhar Bicolor

Pelotas Tibhar para divertimento, con impresiones de muchos colores o bien con diferentes dibujos. Pack de 6 unidades.
Ping pong balls

Pelotas Joola Spin Ball pack 12

Nueva pelota Joola de entrenamiento de calidad con un excepcional balance entre precio y calidad. Fabricada es dos colores especial para diferenciar efectos.
Ball game Joola colorato composed of 12 colorful balls: 6 monochromatic balls: blue, pink, orange, yellow, orange, green6 bicolor balls: blue-pink (3), green-orange (3)
Pelotas Tibhar para divertimento. Representan pelotas de otros deportes; fútbol, tenis, etc. Pack de 6 unidades.

Fun balls Tibhar 40-55mm

Tibhar balls for fun with different sizes 40, 44 and 55 mm .. Pack of 6 units.

GEWO Spinballs 40+ 12er

The GEWO Spinball 40+ as two-colored balls (half white / half orange) is the ideal training tool.High quality training and leisure ball with seam. Excellent price / performance ratio.12 pcs
NARAQ Spin Ball Bicolor 40+ ABS + cover pack 12 NARAQ Spin Ball Bicolor 40+ ABS + cover pack 12 2
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NARAQ Bicolor SpinBall balls are the essential item for table tennis coaches to be able to clearly teach the direction of the ball in the different types of spins, whether in serves, cuts or topspin. Made of the new ABS plastic that makes it harder, more uniform and durable. Great hardness with a clean and regular bounce that make it ideal for all types...
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